Living Room Decorating

An effective decoration of  a room mostly depends on its size and form,  living room decorations can be an easy task or complicated. Our house is not yet fully decorated nor finished but on my family’s little way they try to decorate our home with our old furniture,  I am always updated because weekly my sister upload new photos of the development of our house.  Lately I have noticed though that quality of the photos are becoming worse, their camera is getting older so I bought them a new digital camera online on best website for an infrared camera.

Simple Living Room

Well, having a new camera was a big help because I can now blog the latest improvement of our home with clear pictures.  Anyway we are planning to buy sofa set for our living but since we have no funds yet the cleopatra chair is great alternative right now.

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  1. admin says:

    LMAO! Haha, I was given a keyword camera to do this task so that’s the result. And it happens that my family and I are miles away so for me to be updated of the latest development of our home project I need clear photo from them.

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