Fabric Shopping in India

Our out of the country vacation in India is unforgettable . We experienced a lot of memorable moments and incidents that make us laugh from time to time when we start on remembering them. One of our auto-rickshaw driver brought us to  jewelry factory he told us to look around for just 15 minutes he said it is not mandatory to buy something. He can earn commissions when he brought tourist but he can earn more if the tourist buy items from the factory, when we visited another city our new auto rickshaw driver has the same gimmick  he brought us to a store, a textile factory and jewelry factory.  When we went inside the store my husband greet them in French just to let them know that he cannot speak English so the sales clerk will not offer us items to buy but unfortunately one of the store clerk can understand French so my husband and I just burst into laughter. Anyway when we went to textile factory we bought few items, I bought a fabric that can be used for pillow cases or blanket, they show us a large collection of their fabrics, they have multicolored, printed, novelty and  p kaufmann fabric that can be used in any purposes. The textile owner want us to see more of their collections but we declined it because we don’t plan to spend more money in shopping and it is also getting late we still need to visit another shop.

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