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Get Enough Sleep with the Right Bed Cover

Do you feel tired and groggy when you rise from your bed in the morning? Perhaps, you have not really slept soundly last night because your bed is not comfortable to sleep in. Sleep deprivation can bring harm to your health if you cannot find the right beddings to give you sound sleep.

Most people are not aware about the importance of getting the right amount of sleep especially if they have reached their 40s. For them, sleeping for two to four hours is enough to keep them energized for the next day.


Lack of sleep can also affect your concentration at work or at school. If you drive your car, you should get enough sleep by choosing comfortable and fragrant bed covers. Your kids’ bedding should consist of blanket, duvet and pillow shams.

Quilted and insulated bed covers are ideal to give you warmth and comfort during cold season. Bed cover sizes vary in each country, but the most popular sizes are single, double, king or queen size.

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How to Puppy Proof Your Home

When you get a new puppy there are some changes that you will need to make to your home to protect your belongings and your puppy because small puppies are curious about everything and this can get them in trouble or sometimes be a danger. They can chew anything from wood, slippers and any chewable items that are reachable.

Stuffed Animals and Sleeping Puppy

My family has a new puppy at home, it was tame and somehow smart so probably they will not need to look for dog shock collar reviews to trained him because on its first day he knew to behave and where to poop. Yeah right, the puppy they named “Kangchi” went to the bathroom to poop. I am thinking, probably if the puppy can reach the toilet he might poop there.  Ha-ha

As expected young puppies love to get up to all sorts of mischief so one day they find Kangchi sleeping with the stuffed animals, it seems he enjoys the comfort of them.

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How to Winterize Your Home

Once autumn hits, you will want to start winterizing your home. It always sneaks up on you faster than you think and its best to be prepared. There are many different ways to stay safe and warm and also save money by getting ready for the cold weather ahead of time. Here are a few.

Clean Your Gutters

Remove dirt, leaves and debris from your gutters and rinse them out well with a hose so icy rain and melting snow can drain easily. If your gutters clog, ice dams can form freeze and cause water to leak into your home. During the time you hose out your gutters, check for leaks and repair them to avoid flooding and other water damage.

Block the Leaks

To prevent flooding of your basement  make sure you have a water powered sump pump to help prevent any water from flooding your basement when heavy rain comes or from melting snow.

The average American home has leaks that amount to a nine – square – foot hole in the wall! You can find the leaks on a breezy day by taking a lit incense stick to the most common drafty areas like windows and doors frames and electrical outlets. Then block up the leaks with caulk and use door sweeps under exterior doors. Even small cracks need to be blocked up. This even prevents insects from entering! Don’t forget to put up the storm windows and have the chimney inspected periodically.

How to Winterize Your Home


Adding insulation can be expensive but it saves you so much money in the long run. You need a minimum of a foot of insulation in your attic. To make sure there is at least one foot of insulation, you can go in the attic. If you see the ceiling joists, you do not have enough insulation because ceiling joists are ten to eleven inches at most. Be sure not to use insulation with the paper backing if you are going over insulation. It can cause moisture problems.

Check the Furnace

First of all, you need to make sure your furnace is working by turning it on. You should be able to smell it, like a temporary burning smell. If the smell lasts a long time, shut it off and call a professional. Clean and tune your furnace every year. Check your furnace filters monthly. A dirty filter restricts air flow and in some extreme cases, can even start a fire. Fiberglass filters need to be tossed out and replaced while electronic filters can be washed and reused.

Check Your Ducts

Homes with central heating can lose up to 60% of the heated air before it reaches the vents. Which is a huge waste of money and you end up with a chilly home. Ducts aren’t always easy to find but you can usually find them in the attic, basement and crawl spaces. Repair pinches in pipes and fix gaps with a tape that is metal backed, not duct tape. Ducts should also be vacuumed periodically to get out any dust and gunk that may be gathered.

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If you are looking for someone to help you winterize your home, contact Service Star at Service Star is a customer focused company that wants to be your first call every time for taking care of your home.

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Winter-Proof Your Home to Save on Heating Costs

As days went by the temperature is getting colder but my husband still doesn’t want to run the heater to save gas and pay less every end of the month in our gas bill.  To feel warm without running the heater my husband closed the window in our balcony and bathroom but it isn’t enough so I am thinking of using plastic bubbles to winter proof our glass doors and windows.  I have seen this DIY winter proofing in the online global shop I frequently visit under home and living categories.

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By proper sealing your home you can keep the warm air in and the cold winter air out. It doesn’t only save gas but also protect the money in your wallet by paying large bills every end of the month.  Well, while my plans is not yet put into reality, I am thinking of wearing electric gloves  because my hands always felt cold without a reason. Although I have read that lack of blood circulation is one of the reason to have cold hands.

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