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Benefits of Basic Carpentry Tools at Home

Carpentry techniques are becoming more advanced everyday with the help of internet and proper training that’s why nowadays carpenters  are able to finish a project in a faster rate unlike before where it requires more time.


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My father is a freelance carpenter that has years of experience in doing carpentry jobs, with this he has set of of tools at home like hammer, handsaw, meter,  different types of chisel and more.  At home there’s also small box where we keep nails, screw, bushings and other small tools that is useful on fixing something around the house.

The presence of toolbox and basic carpentry tools at home is very useful it allows you to do project or basic house repair easily and conveniently without borrowing from your neighbors when you need something.

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Protect Your Home and Valuables With Biometric Fingerprint Safes

One of the important feature of the house is the presence of safes, this is where valuables like jewelries, documents, money, guns are kept and secured from burglars and thieves. Within the new technology today using biometric fingerprint safe is the new trend on offices and home because they are simply one of the best security systems for storage leaving traditional lock and keys behind. The safe stores your fingerprint data and when you try to access the safe you have to scan one of your fingers and when the fingerprint match you can access the safe and your valuables.

house with biometric fingerprint safe

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A Biometric safe is quite simple but has very powerful system that uses biometric features to provide security and grant access like fingerprinting, voice, retinal identification, facial features and even typing rhythm. You can also use biometric fingerprint scanner on locks and doors for security purposes, they are mostly found in laboratories.

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How to Prevent a Burglary at Home

With today’s economic  stand off, crime rates are rising and the number of burglaries are increasing.  It is really frightening to think someone will come in your home,  invade your privacy and steal your money and property. With this protecting your home and family is necessary,  there are several devices that you could use for your own safety.

Although being aware and educated will help you out from burglars and thief. Take time to read this infographic for more information how do burglars break in at your home.

Burglary at Home

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GroundBreaking on the First Day of Construction

Finally the construction of our house was started few days ago, they started it after a ground breaking prayer or what they called ground breaking ceremony when building big establishments where the Mayor of the town is invited, this is to bless the land and probably the home owners.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

As what I have read Groundbreaking is a traditional ceremony in many cultures that celebrates the first day of construction for a building or other project. Like what I have mentioned about this ceremonies are often attended by dignitaries such as politicians and businessmen. The actual shovel or spade used during the actual groundbreaking is often a special ceremonial shovel meant to be saved for subsequent display and commemorative information may be subsequently engraved on the shovel.

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