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Regular House Cleaning – More Benefits than You Can Point a Broom At!

Just a passing mention of the phrase ‘house cleaning’ is enough to elicit a chorus of groans, but are you aware of how many benefits there are to living in a clean and tidy home?

There are actually more benefits to having a clean and tidy home than most of us are aware (especially if you have young children), so take note of the following benefits to having a clean home and you may find yourself looking at house cleaning in an entirely new light!

Allergy Reduction

This is one of the top benefits to residing in a clean and tidy home, one that’s free of dust, mites and other microscopic particles that have a tendency to aggravate existing allergies, not to mention bring on allergies in those not yet affected.

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Regular vacuuming is a must, as is opening up the windows and doors to air the house. Another way to reduce the microscopic particles circulating about in your home is to clean the fly screens regularly, as fly screens collect dust more than most of us realise. As the breeze blows through these screens and into our homes, it stands to reason that’s where a great deal of those microscopic particles come from.

Less Fear of Entertaining

Many of us are quite reluctant to entertain family and friends because we’re worried about what they will think of our homes – think about it for a second or two and you’ll realise just how true that statement is.

Fortunately, house cleaning services made easy are readily available, so you can have your home cleaned regularly (or even just on occasion when you’re too busy to do it yourself) and you’ll never have to worry about entertaining in a messy home ever again!

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Less Mould

Like dust and other airborne microscopic particles, mould can wreak havoc with our respiratory health, plus it looks unsightly and can prove very difficult to remove if something isn’t done about it before it makes itself at home.

Regular cleaning, whether you do it yourself or have an experienced local cleaning company take care of it, prevents mould from building up and helps to keep your family healthy.

Less Maintenance and Repairs

This is an aspect of regular house cleaning that many of us overlook, but it’s an important one because the cost of home maintenance and repairs quickly adds up and becomes quite an expense.

Adding what is known as a ‘deep cleaning’ task to your cleaning routine every week will help to keep your household appliances in better working order. What’s more, by regularly cleaning your home you’ll also have a better idea of what needs repairing and maintaining. It’s always better (and less expensive) to have something seen to sooner rather than later.

Whether you choose to have a local cleaning company take care of the cleaning for you (this is an excellent option if you lead a busy lifestyle) or you choose to clean your home yourself, don’t overlook the many benefits associated with regular house cleaning.

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House Cleaning Ideas, Tips and Tricks

For many people, the spring is the time of year that they choose to clean their homes and garages. This is especially the case in areas that experience winter weather that prevents people from cleaning their homes during that season. Houses can become dirty and cluttered with junk during the winter. People are indoors for the vast majority of the time, so most homes can really use a thorough cleaning once the warm weather arrives. Here are some useful spring cleaning ideas.

1. Clean your attic

For many people, their attic is where they put items that they want to to keep, but do not have space to store anywhere else in their home. Many people also store broken items in their attic that they want to fix in the future. However, most of these items get forgotten about and end up collecting dust over the course of many years. This is why it is a good idea to periodically go through the items in your attic and throw away the items you do not need. If some of the items are still usable, donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army so you can get a tax deduction.

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2. Clean your deck

Your deck has been sitting outside all winter being exposed to the elements. It only makes sense that the spring will be the ideal time to get it cleaned off and looking great. Instead of going to the trouble of doing it yourself, you can contact a deck cleaning and sealing company like Renew Crew that offers this service. They use an eco-friendly process that will have your deck looking as good as the day it was built. Learn more about what they can do for you by taking a look at

3. Trim your trees

It is common for homeowners to neglect the trees in their yard. The branches of your trees may be scraping up against the side of your home. They might also be coming into contact with a neighbor’s home. If this is the case, cut these branches so they are no longer touching any part of the houses in the area. If branches are not regularly trimmed, they can scrape the paint off of your home or damage your expensive siding. You should also take this opportunity to trim any bushes or hedges that have grown too close to your home.

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Top Tips for Choosing an Office Cleaning Company

If you have a large office space that needs to be cleaned, you will need to start thinking about which cleaning company you are going to hire. There are certainly many companies that are in this line of work. This means the selection process is not as simple as you might think. It goes without saying that all cleaning companies are not alike. It would be a big mistake to simply hire the first cleaning company that you see listed in the phone book. So how do you go about making this important decision? Here are a few of the most crucial things to consider when hiring a cleaning company.

1. Experience

How much experience does the cleaning company have? This is definitely something that you will need to find out before you allow a company to clean your office space. As a general rule, you should not hire any company that has less than two years of experience cleaning offices, schools, hospitals or other large buildings. If you hire a company with less experience than this, you are setting yourself up for potential problems. You need to be sure that the people you hire know what they are doing.

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2. What cleaning supplies will be used?

Nowadays, the environment is a major concern when it comes to the cleaning industry. Many people want to know that the cleaning company they hire will only use supplies that are friendly to the environment. Companies that use green cleaning supplies will usually go out of their way to promote this on their website or in their advertisements. There are many cleaning companies who are giving their customers the option of eco-friendly cleaning supplies being used. Companies that use microfiber mops are also preferred because of the outstanding cleaning ability of these products. Microfiber Wholesale sells a nice selection of them at

3. Previous customer satisfaction

If you are seriously considering hiring a specific cleaning company, look into their background. Are the past customers of this company happy with the quality of cleaning they have received? It will not be hard for you to find out this information. Just taking a quick look online is all it will take for you to see the opinions of previous customers. Read 10 reviews and you will begin to get an idea of what you can expect if you decide to hire this company to clean your office space.

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Restoring Cleanliness and Organization at Your Home

Maintaining a clean and organized home is every homeowner’s dream. Sadly, this is one dream that is very quite hard to achieve. There are lots of reasons why people can’t afford to put their homes in order. It may be due to the fact that they are too busy, procrastination, so fort and so on. One thing also, it’s hard to keep organization in place especially when there’s kids around.

Regardless of what excuse you have, it is a must that you bring back order to your home. Here are some steps to take:

  • Place things exactly where they should be.

One reason why a home gets too much cluttered and disorganized is due to the fact that people living at home do not return the things to the proper place while using it. Avoid doing this and you will be amazed at how smaller the clutter will be.

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  • Get rid of the things that no longer serve you.

People who have cluttered homes are those who hoard their things. They avoid getting rid of their things because they think that they might be useful to them in the future. As a result, it becomes pile around the house. Look for things that you no longer needs, like DVD, CDs and many more. You can then give it out to other people or sell them online.

  • Put things into containers.

There are lots of storage containers available today. Find out which type of storage container will work best for you. After that, you can then categorize your things then store them accordingly.

  • Avoid buying the things you no longer need.

The less useless things you buy, the lesser the pile you will have to organize and the clutter that you have to get rid of.

These are quite simple tips but these work well in organizing your home.

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