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Decorating your Kitchen with Curtain Valances

Valances are decorative treatments that are used to cover up the top portion of a window. It can be used alone to allow a lot of light to enter or it can be used as the finishing layer of layered window treatments. Grommet valances are a great way to hide hardware. Grommet valances have often been seen as a way to make a home look dignified and older. People tend to associate valances with mansions or the White House. However, valances are making a comeback with being able to meet any style.

Grommet valances are a quick and easy way to change the look of any room without spending a lot of money. Whether you live in a loft, an apartment or a house, grommet valances are the perfect way to accent your room. While valances are traditionally found in dining rooms and kitchens, they have quickly been making their way into almost every living space.

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A grommet valance can be modern and chic, classic and elegant, or youthful and fun. It only depends on the fabric and pattern you choose and there are endless possibilities for choices. Grommet valances can be purchased in fabrics such as microfibers, linens, silks, satins, cotton and even velvet. You can purchase grommet valances in solid colors, sheers, and a wide variety of patterns. There is a valance designed to meet the needs of any room without the expensive costs of a complete remodel.

The grommets can also be purchased in a variety of finishes from the basic silver to brass nickel, gold, bronze and even black. The grommet feature is great for those that have decorative curtain rods that they do not want to hide inside the valance. Enriching the room’s appearance and providing it with a bit of flare can be fun and easy with the right grommet valance treatment.

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Kitchen Renovations and Contemporary Cabinets

House furniture needs to be functional but it doesn’t always mean they cannot be stylish and trendy. One of the integral part of your kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. They are indispensable part of the kitchen, you can store anything from kitchen utensils to crockery to smaller kitchen accessories in your home.

If you are planning to improve the look of your kitchen you should start from the cabinets because they are first thing to be noticed inside your kitchen so it is best to keep your kitchen cabinets within the style of your kitchen, but renovating them is costly.  One of the best alternative when improving your contemporary cabinets is by refacing them instead of replacing and make sure that they’re also providing your kitchen with enough space and functionality so that your whole kitchen feels usable and spacious.

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Living with a Small Kitchen Layout

The installation of electricity in our new house was finished and the power outlet were already installed so they finally moved the fridges in our kitchen.  It was good but seeing how our kitchen looks like after moving the appliances, it was not what I expected. Our kitchen looks very small and as if you can’t moved around anymore,  this is not what I have planned or what I want to look like.


Well, we can’t do nothing anymore because the lot where we built our house is not that wide that’s why we are planning to construct second floor, my mother planned to move the second fridge in the second floor too.

Some of the thing you can see around like the television, books and other small items on display are just temporary on their location while we are not yet done with the construction.

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Kitchen Tiles and Improvement

My family finally moved to our new home after the typhoon Yolanda struck our country.  The tiles in our living room was already installed so they just sleep there and use extension wire from our old house so they have lights. Yeah, right the electrician was not yet done installing all the wires in our home because he seldom visit, he just visit when he is free from his regular job.

Kitchen Design

I was informed that tiles were already installed in our kitchen, the tiles matched the floor kitchen doors like I wanted. What is left to be done in our kitchen is wall cabinets and buying a cooking oven to fill the gap as well as exhaust fan or hood. Hopefully I could earn enough money so we could done more improvements to our new home.

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