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Buying Luxury on a Budget: Bedding and Bedsheets

If you are on a budget, you can still create an engaging, luxurious look to your home or apartment. This starts with your bedroom and how you accessorize and decorate this area. Luxury bedding, such as Croscill bedding, add both flair and pizzazz to your sleeping area. Bedding comes in a variety of styles, colors and patterns and can help shift your room from old fashioned to contemporary in the blink of an eye.


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If you have antiquated bedding, luxury bedding in satin is a fantastic upgrade. These bedding options offer a sleek and elegant appearance. Additionally, satin maintains its novel appearance for a longer period of time and repels dust so that it stays luxurious. Croscill decorative bedding is an option that has plump characteristics, giving your bed a fuller appearance. This is a wonderful attribute for your guest room in the house. Finally, make sure that the pillows and accessories around the room match the bedding to maintain uniformity and cap off your design.

Sometimes, a small alteration with your bedding can change the whole appearance of a room without the steep price. This is a fantastic alternative to a complete remodeling of a room, which can cost thousands of dollars. Incorporate your own style and personality into the bedding that you select whether it is of the satin or linen variety from Croscill or another brand.

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The Importance of Windows:   Creating and Installing Simple yet Stylish Window

Windows is one of the important parts of our home it provides our home with light, proper ventilation and warmth.   Installing energy-efficient window can minimize your cooling, heating and even lighting costs.

Our home is not fully finished yet, it is not even halfway to completion. The sole bedroom has no windows installed yet so when a typhoon or a strong rain came the water rain goes inside as well as the dirt; it is somehow dangerous especially when a strong wind blew.  There are times my father just nailed plywood to cover the window to keep us safe inside.

We have been planning to installed windows but because of budget constraints it never materialized.  One of the disadvantages of having an open window is we can’t leave the house for a longer period of time without the thought of someone might go inside our house coming through the open window.

WIndow Design

Recently, my father lost his job so while waiting for another project to come he decided to installed one window in the bedroom even it is just going to be a temporary one since the window is facing the open field and it is really the center of attraction, my mother didn’t stop asking him to have it done because she fear our safety after a news of house thieves are encircling in the neighbourhood, and someone witnessing a man wandering around the houses near us.

He uses the left over woods to create and design the window frames, from a distance the window creates an illusion that it is a window glass but if you will look at it closely the window was just made of woods and thick plastic cover. Very creative isn’t it?

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Choosing A Boat Lift For The Home

A boat house is often a luxury for many people. In order to maintain the condition of the home, it’s important to keep it out of the water as much as possible. There are times when the home can be in the water and float as it’s called a boat house. However, there could be times when the home sits in too much water if the levels are higher. Boat house lifts can help keep the home out of water when necessary. There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a lift so that you get one that’s best suited for the size of the home.

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The lift can be used to gently get the home out of the water so that the bottom can be cleaned. It also provides a way to make sure there are no damages to the structure of the home as these can allow water to get inside. If there are any damages, then you can repair them before putting the home back in the water. Decide on what kind of lift you want to get. There are manual lifts as well as those that are automatic. An automatic lift can often be a better option if you don’t want to exert as much effort in getting the home off of the water. If you use a manual lift, you need to make sure the power source isn’t around an electrical outlet. Measure the bottom of the home before getting the lift to ensure that you get the right size. There are various sizes of lifts to purchase, and if you get one that’s too big, the home could shift while on the equipment.

A stainless steel lift is likely the best kind that you can purchase. It won’t rust as much as other materials, and it will often last longer structurally. If there are cables on the lift, you need to make sure they are in tact and taken care of so that they are easy to use while lifting the boat in and out of the water. Some lifts come with a warranty in case something does go wrong.

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Easy Home Décor Updates

Maybe company is coming or perhaps you just need a change in your home décor. It don’t have to be a total makeover – something as simple as new throws on the beds or couch can make a big difference in the look of a room. In fact a new throw can change your life if it happens to be an electric throw – they really help to ward off a chill and keep you cozy and warm while reading, watching television or just relaxing. Since most folks are trying to cut back and be more environmentally responsible house are just colder than they used to be.

Living Room Ideas

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A mundane bathroom can be a challenge because you are pretty much stuck with the tub, toilet and sink but there’s still an opportunity to transform the look of a bath or powder room with new bath and spa furniture. Teak is an amazing naturally water-resistant material – look for teak shower benches, bath mats and towel ladders to turn your boring bathroom into a spa-like getaway. A curved shower curtain rod adds extra elbow room and a new shower curtain can add a fun or festive look in minutes.

There’s no reason to deprive yourself, after all, the bathroom is possibly the most-used room in any home so it ought to be as nice as possible. Monogrammed bath towels add a touch of elegance while a towel warmer is both luxurious and practical. Imagine stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a hot, fluffy towel; there are counter-top, wall-mount and freestanding models designed to fit almost any bathroom.

Another exotic import that has become popular in upscale hotels and better homes is a handheld showerhead. These are easy to install without the help of a plumber and can totally transform your bath or shower experience.

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