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How To Create Hotel Luxury At Home

Part of the excitement of taking a break is that feeling you get when you step into your hotel room for the first time. Just one night spent in the right hotel can lift your spirits, give you a great night sleep and even bring you closer to your partner.

If you have children at home, you’ll know how important it is to create a zone that is peaceful, tranquil and above all tidy! The bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. So it makes sense to create a place of luxury and class here. It might be worth reviewing Is It Practical To Create A Room Just For Relaxing In after reading this post.

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You don’t need a huge budget to make a few changes to a bedroom. One of the most important things about this room is, of course, the statement bed.

Hotel beds are always dressed to impress. Think minimal when it comes to choosing your bedding. White sheets will entice you to crawl in. They look clean and calm. Adding a plethora of cushions may seem pointless when you’re just going to throw them off at bedtime, but every time you step into your room, you’ll feel a sense of pride. You might even start leaving the bedroom door open for your guests to see!

Hotels tend to offer a simple white dressing gown and the fluffiest towels you’ve ever buried your face into, this is probably why people often ‘borrow’ them!

Instead of cluttering up your dressing table with make up and cuff links, leave your surfaces bare placing a couple of neatly folded gems like these bath towels on show, perhaps with your favourite body lotion next to them.

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A well upholstered chair. There is something wonderful about having a seemingly pointless chair in your room. However a chair placed by a window with a good book laid next to it always entices you to read and even if you don’t get the time, simply knowing it’s there will remind you of the relaxing peace a quiet read can give you. Try reupholstering and painting an old one.

Well hung, contemporary frames with large white mountings and photos of your fondest memories or things you love can have a huge impact on a room. Waking up in the morning to see your kids smiling back at you, kick starts your day the right way. Unlike a miss mash of slightly off centre frames. Be precise.

Monkey business: One of the beautifully bizarre lamps by Abigail Ahern Edition's for Debenhams 

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Finally, lighting. Lighting can change a room completely. Instead of switching on your ceiling light, invest in a statement lamp like these from Abigail Ahern. If your budget won’t stretch to that, consider something soft which creates an amber warmth. Place in the corner of your room and let it work it’s magic.

It’s time to see your bedroom in a new light. Make small, well considered changes. It’s not about impressing other people. It’s about impressing yourself. Lying in your bed, surrounded by luxury.  

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Kids Room Ideas: Give Your Daughter The Perfect Birthday Gift In Five Easy Steps

It’s sometimes hard to know what to get for your daughter’s birthday. No matter what age she is, kids’ interests are always changing and it’s difficult to know what to get. Why not try out a brand new room decoration for her next gift? Here are some tips on how to do it…

Talk To Her First

Make sure that you communicate clearly with her about what she’d like from her new bedroom. Think about what exactly she uses her bedroom for – if she likes drawing and writing stories, then make sure she has a well-lit desk area. If your family pet sleeps in her room, make sure there’s space for its bed. Talk to her about what exactly she wants to make sure that’s what she gets.

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Use It As A Bonding Experience

If you’re planning her room together, you can use it as a bonding experience. Take her out so you can choose paint colours and look at wallpaper samples together, and make a day of it by going out to lunch or dinner afterwards. If you’re planning on decorating it together, show her how to paint walls and let her play her favourite music while she helps out. Remember not to get irritated if she gets bored with decorating and wanders off – this is a gift for her, after all!

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Get Some Unique Pieces

Make the room into a really special place by investing in some unique pieces. Check out girls’ cabin beds and consider creating a canopy with pretty, floaty material. Look around antiques stores to find some pieces that are a little different from the norm and that are made out of good quality, durable materials. These are the things that she’ll end up keeping for the rest of her life and that she’ll transfer to her own apartment one day in the future – which may seem like a million years away, but which will come around more quickly than you think.

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Make Sure It’s Practical As Well As Pretty

It’s important to make sure that the room is as useful as it is pretty. Make sure there’s plenty of storage for clothes, toys and books – and that there’s some spare space for the new belongings that she’s bound to pick up over the next few years. Remember that kids are ever changing and that they grow up a lot more quickly than you’re expecting they will, so make sure that nothing is too permanent. She may have wanted a huge Frozen mural on the wall when she was four but she might not like it as much a few years later!

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Create A Grand Unveiling

Even if your daughter’s helped with some of the decoration and given you pointers about what exactly she wants, make sure that the final unveiling of what her new room looks like is a surprise. Treat her to a really special experience – put a ribbon on the door to demonstrate that it’s a gift and try to make sure it’s ready on her actual birthday. Arrange her things in a similar way to how they were in her old room and make sure that her favourite possessions are on display.

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Wooden Outdoor Furniture: Wood Porch Swings

I don’t get bored easily, but if I do I just sit in our living room or  porch while looking around like the blue skies, birds and the  flowers we have planted. Sometimes I read the pocketbooks from my mother’s collection, I read them all over again I can’t remember anymore how many times  I have read them.  Staying in the outdoor portion of the house is very relaxing, smelling the fresh air and seeing the beauty of nature.

Bench, Bicycle, Bike, Chair, Depth Of Field, Porch

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We are using portable plastic chairs if we want to stay in our porch, there’s one old buggy table their that my cousin’s uses when they have drinking session under the tree in front of house, I have thought of doing little improvement on our porch I guess it would be nice adding outdoor furniture like wooden chair swing. It could be more relaxing and comfortable to have this swing and could be a perfect place as well to bring visitors and friends who come over for a coffee.

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Futuristic Houses: What Will the Modern Home Be Like in a Few Years?

What is a modern home? For many people it’s the decor, for others it’s the location and to some, it’s the technology. A modern home can mean a couple of things, but it’s usually a combination of all of these. Whether it’s contemporary furniture and experimental decor or a smart home that can read your temperature and adjust the thermostat automatically, there are hundreds of technological and artistic advances that have turned the home into more than just a home.

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The Smart Home

A home is considered smart when it can adjust all of its functions to suit the owner automatically or via a control system. For example, a fridge can be considered “smart” if it has a display on the front that can show what’s inside, monitor temperatures and even order groceries. It’s not a dream or science fiction either. There are smart fridges that people can buy right now which come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to take some of the most annoying tasks of managing a fridge out of the way and either automates them or makes them easy to manage.

In addition to smart fridges, there are also smart entertainment devices that can be linked together to create a seamless entertainment experience. For example, you could be watching a film on your smart television but the kids might want to play on their games console which is hooked up to the living room TV. In this case, you can simply head to your study or bedroom and turn on the TV and connect to the same network and services to resume watching your film while the kids play their games. Blogs like Smart Future are great resources to find out the latest and greatest technology advances that people are adding to their homes.

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The Contemporary Home

A contemporary home should consist of just one thing: ultra-modern design. Most contemporary homes aren’t created by mixing and matching Ikea furniture, but instead, they’re created by hand with custom-built pieces of furniture that mold to the contours of the house to create specially designed rooms that ooze style and function. Contemporary homes are all about minimalism, style and practicality. Think big designs such as living rooms that are illuminated with powerful but concealed ceiling and wall lights. Open-plan houses are popular in contemporary housing as well.

For example, one piece of contemporary furniture that’s on its way to becoming a modern staple is the wireless charging bed stand. It’s a simple concept: a piece of furniture that also acts like a modern wireless charging dock. The idea is that it should look sleek, fit with the decor, and have functionality built into the desk. When you’re ready to go to bed and you need to charge your phone, there’s no need for cables that are dangling from the bedside table or anything; you simply pop your phone on top of the bed stand and it will start charging. These devices are incredibly creative and can be expensive to make, but with more technological advances they will start to become more commonplace and as a result, cheaper to build.

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