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Inspired Ideas For Your Backyard That Could Add Value To Your Home

Most of us enjoy DIY projects as part of our leisure time. They provide us with interesting things to do that can be very fulfilling. A few of us enjoy creating DIY projects to enhance the comfort or decor in our homes. But did you know that your DIY skills could be put to use to actively increase the value of your home? One area that could become a hugely desirable part of your home is the backyard. So what can you do to your home exterior that would see your property snapped up if you put it up for sale?

Family homes often have gardens or yards that can be utilised for many different things. You might cook and eat there. Perhaps you enjoy sitting in the garden to relax or read a book. You may have pets that make use of the outside areas, or kids that love to play. It could be a good idea to put your DIY skills to use. You could make a play area, a doggy yard, or even a private reading nook.

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Your local garden centre could be a good place to start when you’re looking for inspiration. There is likely to be plenty of planting options that could help you make the important landscaping decisions. It’s always best to sketch out your ideas to help you visualise the areas you wish to create. Good DIY stores will provide the materials you need to build decking, patios, play surfaces or gazebos.

A pool is a great addition to the home. It can add a lot of value, particularly in hotter climates. There are many advantages of concrete pools over fibreglass pools that could offer you opportunities to make the space your own. Once it is dug out, you can create any shape or size you like. Concrete is used to ensure the longevity of your pool. Then tiling, like a mosaic, can be used to decorate the whole area. It’s certainly a big project, but one that could be worth doing.

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Building a pergola, gazebo or arbour will require a heavy duty saw. A motorised one is best if you’re concerned about the physical stress. Alternatively, carefully measure what you need from your design, and get the DIY store to cut each piece. A power drill and screwdriver can connect the pieces. You will also need to stain the wood to protect it once the project is complete. Ideally, the floor posts will be concreted in. However, it’s possible to bolt the structure to the walls of your house or garden.

If you like the idea of a rugged-style backyard, why not build your own brick barbeque or fire pit? These can look amazing, and they’re very practical too. If you prefer, you could use the style to disguise a gas grill. Create an outdoor cooking and dining area with some inspired paving ideas. You’ll need to fence or wall in the area. You can also secure a light roof. These can be big projects to take on, but they can add to the function, comfort and value of your home.


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A Garage Of A Different Design

When you think of a remodeling project in the home, you might not think about the garage. This room is just as important as the others as it is sometimes used for storage if you don’t park your car there, and it can be used as an extra space to enjoy peace and quiet. A garage remodeling contractor can give you tips and ideas on the best ways to make over the room so that it has the function and appearance that you desire.

The garage doesn’t have to be a room with tools and colored in gray and black. It can be an area with a girly touch. Add wooden hooks on a wall for the rake, shovel and other lawn items. Instead of boxes and cabinets with a neutral color, add those that have brighter colors, such as orange, yellow or pink. Give the garage a vibrant appearance so that it’s somewhere you want to go during the day.


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Create a home office in the garage. Add a desk and bookcases so that you can work from home or so that the kids can get homework done in an area that is quiet. You could also remodel the garage so that it’s a family room. Add comfortable couches and chairs along with a television and video game system. This could also be an area where the family watches movies together or plays board games before bed. Add some colorful paint to the garage with a few rugs or carpet to create a mudroom. This is an area where you can take off your shoes before entering the home and a room where your pets can go to get mud off of their feet before going inside the house.

Taller cabinets that are used for storage can be placed in the garage. However, add cabinets that have a bright exterior, such as stainless steel, so that the garage isn’t as dull. Use the cabinets to keep holiday decorations and other items that aren’t used on a regular basis during the year. Portable storage and colorful plastic containers are also an option.

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Creating a Guest Bedroom That Your Guests Wont Want To Leave!

Have an unused room in your home? Rather than stuffing it with junk and boxes, how about turning it into usable space? Creating a guest bedroom means that friends and family can stay over (without having to sleep on the sofa!) You can go as simple or fancy with it as you like, but either way there are a few essentials that will make it as comfortable as possible. Check out these five tips for creating a guest bedroom that people won’t want to leave.

A Comfortable bed

Forget about the wonky old camp bed or blow up mattress you have hanging out in your attic, just as you would choose a comfortable bed for yourself you should choose one for your guests too. A memory foam mattress will suit most people, they offer the most support and also alleviate allergies so are a good choice for guest rooms. A DIY headboard makes a good project that you can probably complete in just one afternoon. Finish off the bed with clean and cosy sheets, a good quality duvet and plush pillows.

Storage Space

Guests will need somewhere to unpack their things and hang up their clothes, and so sufficient storage space is a must. But why buy ready made furniture when you can build your own or hire a handy man for those pesky jobs? Custom built furniture will be a perfect fit for the space you have, which is particularly useful when guest bedrooms tend to be on the smaller side in the majority of homes. Plus you can put your carpentry skills to the test, most simple pieces of furniture don’t require too many tools so aside from the wood you probably already own everything you need. There are loads of ideas for projects online so have a scour through and decide what will work in your space.

A Tray of Essentials

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Leaving out a tray of essentials can make all the difference in making your guest’s stay as pleasant as possible, plus it shows you’ve really thought about them. A bottle of water, some snacks and some toiletries are a good start. You could even consider a universal phone charger and a couple of books as well. Don’t forget to leave them the code to the wifi! You could make the tray yourself or even upcycle an old one; lining it with decorative paper and adding a perspex sheet over the top is a quick way to tie it in with the rest of the decor in the room.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are an obvious choice, your guests aren’t going to get much sleep with car headlights and lampposts shining through the window at night. You can create blackout blinds yourself with some thermal blackout fabric, a sewing machine and a blind kit. Slatted vertical blackout blinds are another good option, as then your guests are able to adjust them to their own personal preference. Adding some curtains over the top will really finish off the window area.

A Neutral Colour Scheme

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Regardless of your personal tastes, keeping a guest room neutral will mean it appeals to everyone. Light, neutral shades will keep the room looking bright and airy, and make it appear larger. You could add a few colourful touches with homemade cushions and throws- but try not to go overboard and overwhelm the space with your own personal treasures.

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Contemporary Lighting Fixtures – Getting the Right Design in Lighting

Do contemporary light fixtures suit your taste? Many people prefer avoiding the lighting fixtures and types of lamps that were in their homes as a child. Today, you can find the contemporary type of light fixtures for the inside and outside of your home. You can find them for your bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. Why live with the type of lighting fixtures your parents had when you were young?

The difference in contemporary lighting and traditional lighting is the cleaner lines and sleek shape the lighting fixtures have. Some are chrome and simple white. Some are funky and colorful. You can have the best of both using contemporary and classical with specific lighting designs.

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When considering contemporary lighting, you need to consider the style of your home. If you have an old Victorian home, a contemporary steel fixture might not fit in the foyer. If you have an old Arts and Crafts bungalow, a pendant shade with the Murano glass won’t work. However, if you have a home that is a mid-century ranch style to any design build that lasts decades, adding the contemporary type of light fixtures is the best way to go. You can get great lighting and great style with this choice.

Another consideration is keeping things consistent throughout the home. Don’t put a Tiffany lamp on one side of the living room when there is a modern desk lamp on the other side of the room. Lighting is a big part of the design scheme, but you should always consider the house and style of furnishings you have. When searching for the perfect lighting for your home, keep the entire house in mind.

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