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Shelves for Stuffed Toys

That’s what we need at home, my mother’s collection of stuffed toys are too many already that the shelve which is supposed to be for books is now used to organized her collections.  There are more stuffed toys in our living room, some of them are from my aunt in Germany, few of them are from my husband and most of them was bought in a thrifty shop by my mother.

When I went home last month I also brought few stuffed toys aside from those I sent home on the package, I didn’t buy those stuffed toys I just picked them from neighborhood.

Decorating Your Home

Decorating your home is very stressful and time consuming, it needs proper planning to achieve the look you want for your home. You can be creative when looking for sources of inspiration for home decorating ideas, you can browse the internet for wide ranges of examples or get them in magazines.

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Home decorating also depends on your taste, intentions on decorating and of course your budget. You should first keep your home simple and must be kept clean and uncluttered. The furnishing choices could be mixture of old and contemporary style, color should also match with each other.

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Mackenzie Childs Furniture: Where Creating Furniture Is a Passion

Buying and decorating homes is an obsession with most people and considering the fact that this is the place they spend a maximum amount of their time in, this feeling can be very well justified. It is essential for the house to not only look aesthetic but also be comfortable.  Talking of comforts, furniture plays a very important role in making one feel comfortable in his/her home. The other common pieces of furniture like bookshelves, mirrors and tables only add to the utility of the room. Usually, the furniture available in regular furniture stores is dull and classic, much to the dislike of people looking for unique and ornate pieces. Thankfully, there are vendors like mackenzie childs furniture where one can expect to find vibrant and gorgeous pieces of furniture that can give their homes a definite edge.

The most important of the many things that makes this furniture different from the others you have ever seen or used is that the furniture is hand crafted by experienced artisans after being designed by the most creative designers. Once you have bought a piece from this line of furniture, you will realize that it is truly one of a kind and was created especially for you as opposed to the factory made pieces that are manufactured by the dozens. In fact, every piece of furniture bears a stamp by the artisan who has created it, giving the piece a phenomenal customized feel.

Furniture is a long time investment and hence, most people like to look around at all the options before selecting a piece that suits all their needs. For working professionals, this becomes quite a task, as they cannot afford to invest so much time hunting for the right piece. With this store, such people have an option of checking out the company website, which has all the pictures and information relating to the different pieces of kids furniture. Along with this, there is a wide range of other products such as ceramics, tableware, gifts and enamelware to name a few. The buyer simply has to choose the piece that he/she likes and place an order after which the furniture will be delivered to their residence. Though it always helps to register with the website, the buyers can also make their purchases as guests.

Price pays an important role in determining which piece of furniture sits in their house. With vendors like mackenzie childs furniture, it is possible for people to be able to buy state of the art furniture pieces at extremely reasonable prices. In addition, shopping from home saves up the additional cost of travelling to various different stores. To top it all up, there are regular sales on the website and the members are sent regular newsletters relating to the same.

There are many facilitates offered by reputed vendors that cannot be found with random websites like cancellation of the order if it has not been processed, international delivery, tracking the order and the option of gifting the furniture to loved ones. With so many services to offer in addition to the phenomenal furniture options, reputed furniture vendor should be checked out for when looking for furniture.

About the author: Christine is an entrepreneur and a dedicated writer who loves to travel to different places. She loves to write reviews about different furniture and dinnerware products.

5 Ideas For Summer Living Rooms

Summer brings the chance to go outside and celebrate the sun. But why stop at the garden? Bring the outdoors in with seasonal inspiration for your living room and let the sunlight shine, even if it’s slightly less than glorious outside! Here are five ways to brighten up your living room during the warmer weather.

1. Paint your walls white

Freshening up old paintwork or tired wallpaper gives your room a new lease of life and white is just the colour to inspire a fresh summer feeling in your lounge. Offering the ambiance of light breezy linen, white comes in a variety of hues, allowing you to maximize the feeling of space you have available and get rid of darker, wintrier tones.

2. Wicker chairs aren’t just for the garden

Bring outdoor style furniture inside and create a garden in your home with indoor wicker chairs. Comfortable and stylish, wicker furniture is a lighter alternative to hefty couches, offering a cooler feeling to indoor life when the temperatures start to soar. Wicker chairs provide the opportunity to choose from a spectrum of cushion colours, from bright block colours to pretty country patterns, so you can pick the furniture that best fits your palette. You can also match chairs with wicker side tables to create a completely garden-style room. This theme works best in spaces with lots of light, so rooms with large windows or conservatories are ideal.

3. Use your windows wisely

A perfect summer room needs lots of light, so ensure you are making the most of your windows. If you are lucky enough to have a bay window, create a sitting space by furnishing it with comfortable chairs, which are the ideal location for a spot of summer reading. Dressing your windows lightly also creates an environment that allows the light the flow, so do away with heavy curtains and dark drapes, replacing them instead with light gauzy panels that drift with the soft summer breeze.

4. Strategically place houseplants and flowers

A startlingly simple way to bring a little piece of summer home is to place vases and potted plants in your living room. If you are seeking to create a lush, green tropical feel, evergreen houseplants are the ideal solution and they go well with clean whites and bright holiday colours alike. For a British summer in the country look, choose sprays of wildflowers to add a rural splash of colour to any living area. Place flowers on mantelpieces, coffee tables and window ledges alike and team up with quaint summer bunting for a garden party feel.

5. Nautical themes

There is nothing like summer to make people flock to the seaside for lazy days by the shore. Why not bring a little piece of the coast into your home, with whitewashed furnishings and driftwood style items? Match whites with pale seaside blue and green and don’t be afraid to experiment with wooden cladding on featured parts of a wall.

There are a range of ways you can bring summer into your living room and your life, so start planning your ideal home today.

About the author:This article was contributed by Jamie on behalf of 2furnish.

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