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5 Tips for Maintaining your Wooden Decking

Wooden decking requires a lot of time and care to put up but it’s worth it. Having outdoor decking means that you can enjoy the great outdoors comfortably, providing a solid surface for furniture and sun loungers.

Our decking allows us the luxury of an extra room outside where we can socialize with friends or enjoy then sunshine, and for those with families it provides a space where parents can keep a watchful eye over kids whilst they play in the garden.

However, many people forget to maintain their decking. Here are 5 simple tips to help you keep your decking well maintained so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Don’t put potted plants on your deck

A lot of people put decorative plants on their decking. However these plants collect and drain water onto the deck. This allows moisture to gather at the base of the pot which can cause mold, rot and also wears away at any wood stain or treatment that you may have applied to your deck. So tip number one is to avoid putting potted plants on your decking.

Check for damp areas

Leading on from the first point – If you notice that there’s an area on your decking that seems to gather moisture and dampness then check it out. Damp areas can lead to mold. If you find any mold then use decking cleaner to remove it. You can also find mold resistant decking paint that will help with this problem.

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Don’t let bugs live in your decking

Your wooden decking may seem like the perfect home for a range of insects, many of which will be harmless. But still, check your wood every now and then to see if there are signs of insects eating away at the wood. If you do suspect that insects are eating your decking then contact a professional.

Replace damaged boards

Decking naturally acquires damage with repeated use. Maybe someone had one too many drinks at your last party and drop something heavy which split your decking. In that case you should replace the damaged board. This will mean that your decking will look pristine condition, as well as being much safer than having a split piece of wood. Replacing a single piece of wood board is easier than you think.

Clean Your Decking

This may seem obvious but a lot of people fail to do this. Clean your decking a few times a year using specialist decking cleaner, and power wash it too If you have the facilities. This will blast away and dirt and blemishes on your deck.

We hope you found these 5 tips helpful, keep them in mind throughout the year and you can potentially add years on to your decking’s lifespan.

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Cleopatra Chair

The set of bamboo chairs on our living room was long gone, what’s left is the two small chairs and they are already in bad form.  So my mother decided to buy Cleopatra chair,   it was made of solid wood and rattan.

The chair also serves as table for the old laptop that I left at home, the open space helps a lot so the laptop can have a good ventilation and to prevent from over heating.

Decorating Your Room with Posters

My sister and I has one room and one bed, it was not that big but all over our walls are posters of different boy bands, anime or beautiful  poster of surroundings, we  just love to stick any posters on our wall but of course labor law posters is not included in our lists.

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I have read that the most important part of home  is decking up walls because an attractive poster can leave good impression, and can serve as an inspiration.  Now a days digital posters and canvasses are very popular for wall decorations there are a lot of store online that sells this type of service so if you are planning to decorate your room just browse the internet and surely you will find something that interest you.

Interior Trends for 2013

Whilst the government is insisting that we are climbing out of the recession and our economic climate is becoming more and more stable, we still want some distractions to lure us away from the harsh realities of life Redecorating our home has to be one of the best – especially for someone like me who loves being creative.

2013 sees us take a less structured approach to colour. Unusual pairings are being encouraged, along with mismatching wall coverings, textiles and furniture. Even with all this in mind, there is still the taste for minimalist design.

The Buzz

If I had to list a few words that would describe the trend of 2013 they would have to be:

  • Raw
  • Fresh
  • Warm
  • Weathered
  • Decayed
  • Grounded

These six words that I would use to describe the colour palettes of 2013 are all organic and natural, another word that I would use to describe the colour palettes that are coming into fashion this coming year. As we will see that our fascination with the galaxy come into play when we look at the ‘Cosmic Dreaming’ palette, and how our world around us influences the colours we are wanting in our home this coming year as we look at the ‘Natural Ground’ palette.

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Individual Palette Reviews

Cosmic Dreaming

It’s safe to say that whatever happens in the fashion industry also happens in the interior design industry. They go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod! Toward the end of 2012 we saw an increase in ‘cosmic’ patterns on clothing – this trend will carry on into 2013 and take the nation by storm. Inspired by the outer galaxies, palettes of otherworldly hues and colours such as greyed lilac, tonal grey, khaki green, warm purple and beige.

Natural Ground

Every day we see the world, we witness the toll that the elements take upon objects. Everyone is drawn into the idea of living off the land and living more simply, getting your hands dirty and having a few chickens. It’s with this influence that we see colours such as ivory, heathered grey, rich brown, dark grey and warm black.

Closer Shores

There is always an instant feeling of calm and tranquility that resonates around your body when near the sea. A range of cool tones, and hues from the beach are an inspiring colour to bring that feeling of ‘spa’ into your bathroom. Remember though, it doesn’t have to end there – bring that feeling into the rest of your home for a calm and warm feeling. The colours we see from this trend are pale blue, greyed dark blue, grey with the hint of blue, dark navy and mid tonal blue.


On the total opposite hand we have the warm and sexual hues resonating from our inner being; that lust that we long to lure someone into our home. ‘Naked’ is a warm based palette consisting of colours such as vibrant orange, darkened orange, nude, blood red and deep red.


Eve explores the beautiful tones of green… the garden inspired hues. Combining colours from the birthplace of seduction, Eden creates visions of yellow green, galvanized green, mid tone blue green, greyed khaki green and fresh grass green.

Go for it!

So, get out there and indulge in all these great trends coming into gear. Make the most out of your living space by taking some time to carefully think about you, your loved ones and your lifestyle. It’s a cliché, but so very true – “turn your house into your home”!

About the author:

Mark Osborne runs Country Hardwood – a team of skilled craftsmen who specialize in Bespoke Conservatories.

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