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DIY Shelf for Home Storage

Shelves are very important décor to maintain in our house, it helps us to organized and clean our house from clutter.  It also help our important decors and collection to be displayed safely and out of reach of small children.

Wooden Shelf

Anyway, my mother requested my father to create a new shelf to organize her products at home. My father finished it in a few days, using only available materials at home.  The shelve he created has a strong and durable design, the frame is made of paper tree wood and the shelf itself is made of left over plywood’s. The shelve has the height of 4 feet and and  about 3 feet wide, perfect to organized the products that my mother are selling at home.

The shelf can also be used as collection and stuff toy storage in the bedroom, it is also perfect as book shelf.

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Decorating Hacks: Quick & Easy Home Décor Updates

Sometimes you just need a change and sometimes you are on a deadline as there is an upcoming party or event to be celebrated in your home. Decorating your home is such an overwhelming business because of endless options and ideas on how to start decorating. That is why it is always a good idea to plan ahead and shop when you have time not when you are up against it.

Some of the fast and easy makeover tips that can make difference is buying new wallpaper for the wall, relocating the music instruments like piano and hamer newport or reupholstering a furniture.

Decorating Ideas

One of the most frequently used rooms in the house is the bathroom; maybe it needs an update as well. A new bathroom shelves can go a long way to help reduce clutter and provide a clean and modern look. If the vanity and bathroom cabinets are looking a bit tired you don’t need to call a contractor – consider investing in new bathroom hardware. Modern drawer pulls and knobs can transform the look of a mundane vanity or medicine chest in minutes.

If you really want to impress guests then invest in a set of monogrammed towels – they are really quite affordable and add a touch of elegance to any bath or powder room. When guests recall your home they will remember the monogrammed towels and be less apt to notice any shortcomings in your décor.

Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and bathroom window treatments on an annual basis so if company is coming it’s a good call to action. A fresh bath mat and a new shower curtain can update a bathroom in minutes.

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Organizing your Clothing Cabinet

Organizing our things especially our home saves time and make everything accessible. As what I have blogged previously our house was not fully constructed yet especially the second floor, so most of our belongings were kept in the first floor.  Our house was designed with only one room in the first floor and the second floor are all rooms, so imagine how cluttered the room was.  The clothes are put everywhere in the room together with the plastic cabinets, can’t built a built-in cabinet yet because our ceiling was not constructed yet, I would like to have skirt hangers in my room so I might need a bigger cabinet.

Shopping for Bedding and Decorating the Nursery Room

Raising children calls for lots of planning and preparation and even when you think you have everything covered something will probably go wrong. That’s why it’s best to learn how to roll with the punches and not take anything too seriously. One thing you should take seriously is crib and baby bedding because safety is of paramount importance. Experts recommend a fitted crib sheet as the only bedding; blankets can pose a safety hazard. It’s a good idea to have four or five fitted crib sheets along with a few mattress protectors so you are always prepared.

Nursery Room

Having fun while decorating the nursery

Despite the bedding limitations, decorating the nursery can be lots of fun and a great opportunity to express your hopes and dreams for the new arrival. It’s generally a good idea to stick with neutral paint or wallpaper colors on the walls and ceiling and limit your décor choices to home textiles such as area rugs, window treatments, decorative pillows and the like. This way it is easy to change the look of the room as your child grows up; should another sibling come along or you simply need to repurpose the room it can be done with minimal effort and hassle.

Convertible bedding is another good idea – there are baby cribs designed to convert into loft beds and toddler beds which can be changed into reading chairs; this sort of versatility gives you plenty of flexibility as your family changes. Should you have limited space you may wish to consider loft or bunk beds; these are also great if you have frequent overnight guests.

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