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Going On Holiday? Don’t Leave Your Home Vulnerable!

So, it’s that time of year again. We are all starting to dream of our summer holidays – maybe even our spring holidays! If you’re anything like me, then you probably can’t wait just to get away from it all and soak in some sun. One of the parts of going on holiday that is less fun, however, is the worry that can come with it. It can sometimes be difficult to leave the home behind, even if it is only for a week. You might find that it can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you are taking your entire family with you. While leaving the house unguarded is nobody’s dream situation, you have to make certain sacrifices if you want that dream holiday! But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Next time you are due to fly off somewhere exotic, just bear these essential points in mind.

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Windows & Doors

Probably the most important part of the whole operation! It is imperative that you check and double-check all of the windows and doors of your house before you leave for a holiday. You want to check any potential point of entry. While it may not be very likely that you will be burgled while you are away, it is worth doing, just in case. Imagine if the worst happened, simply because you had left a back window open! Go around each window and door, one by one, and make sure they are shut and locked tight. Better safe than sorry!

Check the Plumbing

You might not have thought to test the plumbing before you travel, but it is one of the more important items on this list. It is surprisingly common for plumbing to malfunction while families are holidaying. For that reason, it is advisable to check that everything is in good working order before you go. For this, it’s probably best to just get the professionals in.

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The last thing you want is to come back from your vacation, only to find your home infested with unwanted visitors! Next time you go away, make it easier on yourself: check beforehand. Any pest control company would be happy to give your house a once-over and look for any signs of infestation. A lot of people don’t want to do this, just in case they find something. But think about it: would you rather have pests and not know it, or know it and do something about it? For me, it’s a no-brainer.


It is also a good idea to give your plants a little bit of love and attention just before you leave. There are few things more annoying than returning home to find all the houseplants dead. It doesn’t take much – just give them a bit of water the day you leave, and they should be okay.

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Odds & Ends

There are also a few little tricks for keeping your house secure. If you have a neighbour whom you trust, then the whole process is much easier. You can just tell them that you are going away, and they can keep an eye out for you. Otherwise, it is a wise idea to put a couple of lights on timers, so it looks like someone’s home. While you’re at it, consider cancelling any grocery or milk deliveries you might have planned.

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Nemo Asashi’s Tent

My internet connection here in the Philippines is very poor despite the fact that I bought an internet USB for my own convenience.  The thing is I can’t use it at home, I still need to go to town just to get a signal and connect to the internet.  That’s why there are times I feel tired  and I just stayed at home and read some romance pocketbooks.

The other while we are on the way to town we saw a group of students waiting for their service they are seen going to a camping or coming from a camping event. Dunno if any of them own Nemo Asashi tent, these type of tent are comfortable and affordable to use.

Perfect Sunglasses

Summer vacation is almost here  and I am already excited for our next travel destination.  I think I should buy  Maui Jim Sunglasses so I can still travel on style. My younger sister sent me two cheap sunglasses few months ago I have brought them with me on our vacation in Mongolia but my husband keeps teasing me that I look like  a bee or sometimes he will tease me that  I look like a Hollywood star but then he will add laughing I am not. Maybe if I wear a trendy sunglasses he will not make fun of me anymore.

Fabric Shopping in India

Our out of the country vacation in India is unforgettable . We experienced a lot of memorable moments and incidents that make us laugh from time to time when we start on remembering them. One of our auto-rickshaw driver brought us to  jewelry factory he told us to look around for just 15 minutes he said it is not mandatory to buy something. He can earn commissions when he brought tourist but he can earn more if the tourist buy items from the factory, when we visited another city our new auto rickshaw driver has the same gimmick  he brought us to a store, a textile factory and jewelry factory.  When we went inside the store my husband greet them in French just to let them know that he cannot speak English so the sales clerk will not offer us items to buy but unfortunately one of the store clerk can understand French so my husband and I just burst into laughter. Anyway when we went to textile factory we bought few items, I bought a fabric that can be used for pillow cases or blanket, they show us a large collection of their fabrics, they have multicolored, printed, novelty and  p kaufmann fabric that can be used in any purposes. The textile owner want us to see more of their collections but we declined it because we don’t plan to spend more money in shopping and it is also getting late we still need to visit another shop.

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