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Buy Quilt Bedding Sets of Beautiful Designs

Long before there was an international recycling moving, the tradition of quilting had taken on one of its key tenets. Women and men who made quilts were able to repurpose old clothing or remnant fabric in order to make bright, unmatched large squares for bedding. This was an especially useful technique during times of war when food, clothing and other essentials had to be rationed. Savvy seamstresses knew nothing, no matter how far it seemed beyond repair, was wasted. Every worn and torn garment could have a new purpose. The patchwork quilts at Linens-n-More honors this tradition with their wide array of bright patterns.

Herringbone Square Quilt

[Herringbone Square Quilt]

Priced from just above $100 up to about $390, this bedding is hand quilted and made of 100 percent cotton. One pattern that breaks with the usual color scheme is the Herringbone Square quilt made by Donna Sharp. The squares are gradients of a grayscale, and the quilt comes in king, queen and twin size varieties. Sharp’s quilt is staged in a room that continues the chromatic design. It pops against a white rug and is accessorized with black and white photography, black small furniture and large black and white art pieces strategically leaned against a distant wall. It is easy for any viewer to imagine the quilt draped cozily across his bed.

Kettle Grove Quilt

[Kettle Grove Quilt]

The eye-catching Kettle Grove Quilt provides a slightly different approach to patchwork design. The squares are small and uniform, and the alternating light and dark patterns help the lines look sharp. This variation on the design is a reminder that age-old traditions can always have some merit in modern times.

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Toilet Brush and the Bathroom

When we moved to our new apartment we didn’t bring  few things from our bathroom.  It was lucky that the people who cleaned to the new apartment room we are going to move in left the bleach, soap and sponge in the bathroom though would be lucky if they also used and left a toilet brush.

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Anyway the other day we bought brush for the toilet bowl so we can clean it thoroughly  when bleach was added. My husband had told me a joke to use my hand scrubbing the toilet bow which I think to yucky. Cleaning the toilet is unpleasant job but it is very important to keep the bathroom and toilet bowl clean and sanitary.

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Wall Mount TV for the Living Room

Few more months and we are almost finished in paying our loaned motorcycle and refrigerator that’s why mother is already planning what is the next item she is going to loan. She wants to get a new TV because our TV was already old and the picture quality is not good anymore. I can’t blame her because the TV was already ten years of age and have been brought to electronic shop many times already just to fix.

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I have suggested that they should buy a LED TV or flat TV that they can just hang in the wall and doesn’t need a lot of space there are plenty monitor mounts for sale so I am sure it is not going to be a problem if they buy a flat TV.

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Yard Sale

One of my friend recently shared her latest find on Facebook. She bought a plastic cabinet for a cheap price of $10, the item was still good as new.  The previous owner is already moving so  he is selling the stuff that he can’t carry.

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Buying through moving out sale, yard sale or garage sale is one of the best way to save and earn money.  You can save money from buying things which is cheaper than buying a brand new in the market which has the same quality of a second hand, you know there are items that are only used for days or weeks and the owner decided to sell them for an upgrade. And well you can earn because you can sell online like in eBay those items you buy.

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