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Music and Amplifier

My mother loves listening to the music.  Everyday our radio is on and when CD player was introduced in the market she really saved money to buy a cheap CD player but since we don’t have a good quality speaker the sound quality was not that good. Once our neighbors  turn on their player the sound in our house is cannot be heard anymore. So my mother planned to buy amplifier to amplify the sound but I already graduated my college and got married her plan to buy amplifier never materialized. I wish I have a good paying job so at least I can buy amplifier for my mother like the one from Peavey Amps  which is renowned for quality music instruments. I am sure she will like it and will put smile to her face.

Free Bed and Pink TV

If you came from a long walk,  tired and you think you can’t make it home you should not worry you can have hotel room for free, with soft comfortable bed and pink TV for you to enjoy watching your favorite television shows. Haha, kidding aside this is what we saw when we passed by the along the Chinese and Japanese restaurant.

The bed still looks good but I don’t know about the TV which I think you will only know if  is not working when you plugged it and turn it on. It seems the owner is woman or young lady because of the pink TV, she might be transferring and she can’t carry the bed anymore to her new home. So she just throw the them in the garbage where someone can pick it and make it usable, either way the garbage track will took it and I don’t what would they do, either used, resell or burn it.

Wedding and Native Instruments

The night before my cousin’s wedding most people are  expecting for a dance party as part of the wedding tradition in our country.  Young people from nearby houses came to celebrate with them, one of our relatives even brought two large speaker’s but they are all disappointed when my cousin’s parent in laws and the other older relatives started to sing with their  Native Instruments,  they had a party on their own and old way called Composo, it is a narrative verse form sung to a pre-set melody and this is how they made it, when someone will sing his narrative verse  another one will answer that song  on a narrative way and so on.  Some people waited for them to finish but until late night when we went home the oldies are still enjoying on their own party, making the young ones bored.

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