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Home Security will Give You Peace of Mind

Home security is always of the utmost importance. You want to have peace of mind while you are home sleeping or if you are away on vacation. If you have your home monitored on a 24-hour basis, you can be confident that your property is going to be looked after. If there is an emergency at any hour, the authorities can be alerted. Security system monitoring is one form of security, and there are many other options out there as well.

Avoid Break-Ins

If you want to scare off criminals, your monitored alarm can do the trick. When someone tries to break into your home, your alarm will go off. You will know that the authorities are going to be on the way. Many burglars race away at the first sound of an alarm, so a monitored system can be a smart addition to your home security needs.

Home Security

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Fast Help if a Fire Occurs

If a fire starts in your home, an alarm will go off and the company monitoring your system will get you help as fast as possible. Every moment counts when a fire starts, so you want to be sure that you get assistance right away whether you are home or not. When you have a company watching and monitoring your home at all hours, you can be confident that your property is going to be as safe as possible.

Air Conditioning Power Loss

If your air conditioning unit stops working for any reason, you can be instantly notified. In the hot months of the year, an air conditioner can be more than a luxury. It is a necessity if you want to keep your home cool. When there is power loss, you can know right away so that you can get it fixed promptly.

There are many reasons why people choose monitored alarm systems for their homes. Businesses can also benefit from this type of service. Monthly monitoring can give you fast emergency responses whenever you need them. You do not have to be in the home or building when an emergency happens for help to be sent as fast as possible. Even when you are not there, you can have peace of mind that your property is being watched out for by professionals.

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A Busy Day and Fire in the Dirty Kitchen

It was quite busy today after we came home from the public market, after cooking and eating we have to collect water. The water supply nowadays is very weak since summer months are fast approaching, they also turn-off the main switch making it having no water supply in the evening.

Without resting my mother already started taking out the ingredients for making ice candies, my younger sister helped her in tying since she is the strongest one. What I did? Well I collected water for the bathroom since our father uses almost all the water in the large container, and I sold ice packs too while creating a blog post, honestly I should be the one cutting the extra plastic after Luke tied the ice candies but since I started pestering them by asking where to put them after cutting the extra plastic, and asking for a chair since I don’t want to sit in the small chair in the floor they became impatience to my demands and they “happily” says I should just leave them (lol). Well, I just planned to cut them while standing since I am not feeling well sitting, it makes me feel dizzy, and I just throw up all the food I ate after fetching water without resting after meal so I really don’t feel like sitting below the table.

Fire in the Kitchen

Anyway, almost 3 hours after eating and them done making the ice candies I heard my father’s voice outside mentioning a fire, when I look outside the bedroom’s window our makeshift/dirty kitchen outside is in fire, I immediately helped my father stopping the fire, it was said that maybe an incandescent coal flew to the sacks of charcoal just in front of the wood stove and since it was a charcoal it took time before it creates a big fire. Anyway it was stopped easily since the fire was just starting eating the walls, was not able to take photo anymore because before I came down to bring my phone my mother already took all the residues and charcoal in the crime scene in my disappointment.

We have modern kitchen inside our house but since it is cheap to use firewood and charcoal than using gas and electricity they created a make-shift kitchen in our old house. This is going to be second time that our kitchen is on fire, several years ago in our old house it happened too and it was just lucky that someone saw it right away.

Lesson not been learned yet huh?

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A Reliable Self-Storage Company Can Help You Get Your Life In Order

Our homes are our sanctuaries from the rest of the world. Your house is the place you go to be away from work or school or your other daily obligations. It is also, in the words of the late comedian George Carlin, a place for our stuff, and sometimes that stuff can get out of hand. We can accumulate so many things that it becomes hard to find a place for it all. If you are cleaning and organizing your home and realize there is no place to put a lot of the things you still want to hold on to, it may be time for you to consider self storage as an option.

An increasing number of Canadians are looking to self storage as a viable solution for handling those things we simply don’t have space for in our homes or businesses. Canada is in fact the second largest storage market in the world, and the Self-Storage Association, based in the United States, reports that Canada has over 3,000 such facilities nationwide. The facilities range from small companies where the owner may have only one location, up to corporations that have nationwide chains. To find out more about some of the self-storage facilities available to Canadians, you can visit

After realizing that you need such a facility to suit your needs, picking the right one becomes the next priority. It is important to use a reputable and professional company. Modern facilities should have the latest hi-tech security and conveniences such as motion detectors and surveillance cameras. They should be clean and be well-lit for night time access. A good facility will offer a wide variety of storage space sizes and be climate-controlled to offer optimal protection for your belongings. Your possessions must be safe and secure and you must be able to get at them conveniently when you need to. Find the lowest rate that you can, but from a company that is reputable and a facility that is secure and you will save money plus have peace of mind.

While the self storage industry is still based primarily in the United States and Canada new facilities are springing up around the globe. They are a popular option for small business start-ups to keep their merchandise and can be a good temporary place for the belongings of people who are moving and have had their closing go through on their old house before they are able to move into their new home. They are also an excellent tool for those of us who simply need to get our lives organized. They offer the extra space we need for those items we don’t want to part with but also don’t currently have room for at home. If you have been searching for a solution to the overflow of items in your home or business, self-storage may be your ideal solution.

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Protecting the Windows During the Typhon

Just a few days ago a typhoon hit the Philippines and our province was included in the red category which means dangerous. The signal was raised to number 3 but thanks to God’s helping hand the typhoon avoided our province and rerouted.

Window Protection

Anyway as a preparation my father put braces and covers to our windows using plywood to protect the window glass and doors. Same thing to the other side of our house where no window was attached yet. Gladly my father put them on advance because the wind was too strong making it very cold to sleep at night.

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