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Safety Cutters for Home

Their are shrubs planted on our backyard that separate our house from the nearby rice fields. When we came home the gumamela was already  blossoming and growing bigger. We trimmed this occasionally when  they are too bigger and making our backyard darker, unlike before that we just do it alone we hired my cousin’s husband to trimmed the shrubs for us because our bolo is not in good condition.

My cousin in-law doesn’t owned safety cutters so he also used his jungle bolo which he sharpened time to time when it won’t cut the shrubs anymore. While he is cutting the plants I was busy carrying them to the pit to the burn,  the smoke is good for trees like mango to develop flowers and as well as to avoid mosquitoes lingering around the dark part of hour house.

Gardening at Home

This is what I missed here. I can’t even plant a single plant unlike when I am still in Philippines I have a small backyard garden with string beans, ladies finger, sweet potato and eggplant. I cultivated them and do weeding when I have nothing else to do.

Photo not Mine

The picture above is not mine, my classmate’s seedlings on their green house. It seems she is having a lot of fun, at least she won’t missed the things she always do in our hometown, yeah she just migrated in the US month ago.

Landscape and Garden

Before one of my Aunt build a small store in front of  our house we have a small flower garden in  our porch. We grew orchids in a drift wood and different kind of flowering plants in a pot. My mother also landscape it with the available resources around us like group of stones and soil. But since they build a small store most of the plants are affected and needs to be transferred or removed.

When my Aunt moved and they torn down their store we didn’t  return the plants anymore on their old place, we also didn’t improved the garden anymore. It remains empty as it is and it was not a bad move after all because after few years they built a new store which covered the empty space.

As what I have learned landscaping your garden makes dull areas  pleasing and it is possible to make ordinary homes into spectacular ones and office buildings into warm, livable spaces most of all beautiful landscaping increases the property value of your home.

Backyard Gardening

If there’s one thing I missed on living overseas that is backyard gardening where I can plant and grow vegetables. When I am still in Philippines we have a small garden in our back yard where we plant string beans, eggplant, ladies finger, sweet potato and even squash. I missed those old times like watering our plants, cultivating and of course harvesting them.

Having a backyard garden is not just fun or the family, it also has a lot of benefits like improving our health by eating  fresh vegetables, saving money from groceries and it is also a good exercise to burn calories and can remove stress also.

I have heard about The Essential Garden Guide, it was created to help unlock the secrets of a great backyard garden. This information, originally created for professional and educational purposes, is the result of over 15 years of contributions from renowned agricultural institutions and extensions.

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