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A Beautiful, Natural Garden Can Be Yours

There are plenty of ways to make a garden look stunning, without adding anything unnatural to it. If you want to keep your garden organic and beautiful at the same time we’ve got some great ideas for you to try. You can forget about adding a water feature or stone sculpture. Don’t bother with the stone path or the new lights. With our ideas your garden is going to look fantastic without any of this nonsense. So, where should you start?

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Make Sure The Grass Shines

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The best part of a beautiful, natural garden, is green lush grass. But we think you’re probably aware that not everyone gets this in their garden naturally. Either due to weather or other elements the grass in your garden might be looking a little worse for wear. Not to worry though because we’ve got the solution you need. The first thing that you should do is cut the grass nice and short. Preferably, you should cut it as short as possible. That way, it’s going to make your garden look bigger and more open. Once you’ve done this, you should sprinkle down some grass greener. Doing this, you should see some startling results in a couple of weeks. It’s the perfect solution if you’re grass has been scorched by the sun or marked by a pet. If you’re having trouble getting your grass to look healthy, speak to a landscaper. Landscaping professionals know exactly what to do to make difficult grass grow.

Add A Variety Of Flowers

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Next, we suggest you buy a whole variety of different flowers for your garden. You can choose different species and colours. Put them around the garden, framing the grass if you like. Or, simply add clusters of flowers around the garden by digging up the soil in areas and planting the seeds. If you do this, in no time at all your garden will start to look colourful and vibrant. Once the flowers start to grow you might need to think about protecting them. Particularly if you live in an area with a hot climate. That’s why you might also want to consider planting some trees to provide shade. Screener trees are perfect for your garden if you have an eyesore near your home. Or, if you just want some privacy from the neighbours.

Getting Rid Of Weeds

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Once your grass is beautiful and your flowers are colourful, you have to clean up the garden a little more. Pull out all the weeds and other nuisances around the yard. Make sure that you lay down some weed killer to make sure that they don’t grow back again. You need to do this regularly because weeds are quite resilient, as suggested by the name.

Natural Water Feature

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While we don’t encourage you to add an artificial water feature to your garden, you can add one that’s a little more natural. You can do this by digging a pond in your yard, if you have the space. This will look truly stunning and could be the perfect centre piece of your space. Add some fish and you will have even brought real life to your new garden.

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Landscape Your Garden To Create The Ultimate Entertaining Area

Most of us love having friends and family over for a meal and a drink or two. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. But having enough space to relax and feel comfortable can be a challenge for a big party. That’s why our outdoor spaces can be ideal for a big gathering.

If you’re thinking of hosting an event at home this year, why not treat yourself to a garden makeover? Landscaping your garden to make the most of the space can be a good idea. And it needn’t cost as much as you think. Best of all, it’s a great project to take on if you enjoy improving your home and DIY.

Backyard Patio

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To create a great space for entertaining in the garden, you may need to bring in some extra tools and equipment like a Dingo. Dingos are mini-diggers that make light work of your garden remodel. Levelling the land you have makes it perfect for laying patios or installing decking. Once your garden is cleared and levelled, you can see clearly just how much space you have. Now it’s time to sketch a design.

Ideally, you will create a dining area just in front of your patio doors. This makes it easier for carry dishes in and out of the house. You don’t need a huge space here, but it can be a good to create a little more room than you think you might want. This allows for walking around the table when people are seated, and you can squeeze in one or two more chairs. Cover over this area is essential too. If you can’t stretch to a full outdoor room, consider a gazebo.

From the patio, you should create paths that lead to the other key areas. You may choose to do this with concrete, pavers, or even decking. Decking is the easiest choice if your garden is multi-level so you can create the steps needed. You may want a seating area with garden sofas or a bench. Perhaps you are building a water feature or some planters. An artificial grass lawn can be an excellent addition to a child-friendly garden too.

You may be in a good location for growing your own vegetables. If your soil isn’t ideal, why not build up a planting area? You can then fill it with good quality compost and soil and plant what you need. It is often easier to cover if you’re prone to insects or frost. You can even use hanging baskets for growing fruits. It can be a nice gesture to let your guests pick their own while they are with you too.

Installing garden lights means your gathering can continue to use the garden after dusk. Use cascading fairly lights on the gazebo. You can even hang lanterns along your veranda. Most garden lights are solar powered with a movement sensor. This means they will only come on while people are in the garden, and they’ll cost you nothing to run. Enjoy your party.

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How You Can Save Water in the Home and Garden

Saving water is something that we should all be making more of an effort to do. It will help the environment, but it can also help you to save some money, so keep that incentive in mind. Here’s how you can start saving water today.

Wash on a Full Load

When you’re filling the washing machine or loading the dishwasher, do you always make sure that it’s full? Most people don’t, but this wastes water because it means you’ll be doing more washes in the long-term. It’s a common sense idea, but most people don’t even think about things like this. So, wait until the machine is full before turning it on next time. You should also think about the quality of your washing appliances. When you decide to upgrade it, make sure you go for a more water-efficient option.

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Collect Rain Water

You can use a tank to collect rainwater in your garden. You can funnel the water down to your tank as it falls, and this helps you to save water when it comes to watering the garden. By cutting your reliance on the mains water supply, you will save a lot of water and a lot of money too. It’s very cheap to set up a tank to collect the water, and it will be very useful at the times of the year when there is plenty of rain. In the dry summer months, this won’t be a great option though.

Avoid Overwatering Plants

Watering your plants too much is one of the most common ways in which people end up wasting water. As I mentioned above, you can save some by collecting rain water. But this won’t provide enough water to cover all your garden watering needs. So, you need to be careful when you are using a hose on the plants. It’s very easy to overwater them and waste lots of water. To avoid doing this, you could start using an irrigation system. Visit to find more about that.

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Don’t Leave the Tap Running

Very simple things like leaving the tap running when it’s not needed can waste a lot of money. For example, if everyone in a household left the tap running every time they brushed their teeth, think of all that wasted water. You should try your best to turn the water off. And that’s just one of the examples of wasting water around the house that could be easily avoided.

Install a Water Meter

A water meter allows you to closely control how much water you use. You then can pay for exactly the amount you use. So, if you use a lot of water, the bill will be larger. But if you use less, you will pay less. This gives you an extra incentive to use less water. Simply being able to keep tabs on your own usage is a big boost when it comes to saving water. It means that you can no longer forget about your water usage because it’s always there for you to see. Go to to find out more about the benefits.

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10 Tips to Make Your Garden Even Better

If you look at your garden and feel as if it’s lacking in certain areas, there are a few things you can do to perk it up. You want your garden to be a place you can relax and get some fresh air, maybe even play with your kids during summertime. These 10 tips will help you to make your garden even better:

  1. Make Sure You Have Appropriate Seating

Depending on what you want to use your garden for, you’ll need appropriate seating. This might be a simple wooden table and chair. You might even go all out and choose comfortable, lounge style seating for your outdoor area. You just need to make sure that they are properly protected from the elements.

  1. Get Rid of Weeds and Plant New Things

To make your garden look better, get rid of your weeds and plant new things. Weeds will always come back, but using a weed killer and being consistent should allow you to get rid of most of them. Planting new things will add personality to your garden and give it a new lease of life.

Herbs Garden


  1. Install Outdoor Lighting

Having outdoor lighting is not only practical, it’s far safer. You never know when you might arrive home at night and not be able to see what you’re doing. Hinkley outdoor lighting will allow you to stay outside later and make sure you arrive home safely.

  1. Make Sure You Have CCTV

Having CCTV is another great way to keep your home and garden safe. The great thing about CCTV is that you don’t even need to have real cameras. Fake CCTV cameras can be just as effective as real ones.

  1. Create Educational and Play Areas for Children

If you have young children, creating educational play areas for them can be a lovely way for them to learn more about the outdoors. You can create a fairy garden, for instance, or create their own park area.

  1. Invite in Some Wildlife

Inviting in wildlife to the garden will make it way more fun for kids, and can even be more educational for them. You can do this by keeping the grass a little longer, having a body of water, and putting out bird feeders.

  1. Have Garden Storage

Having garden storage will help you to keep the garden clean and tidy when it isn’t in use. You can buy storage containers especially made for outdoor use!

  1. Consider Artificial Turf

If the grass really does seem greener on the other side, then why not consider artificial turf? Your grass will always look bright green and healthy. You will barely be able to tell the difference, and the maintenance will be minimal.

  1. Clean it Up With a Pressure Washer

Hire a pressure washer and clean up your slabs and other elements to make them look like new again.

  1. Screen Messy Areas

If you always have a messy area in your garden, such as the bin area, then cover them up by screening them. You can use materials like bamboo for the best effect.

Have fun!

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