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Constructing a Concrete Roof

Our newly constructed house has no roof yet or slab because they are still building framework for it. My mother informed me that the lumber were not enough so they had one of the tree in our yard to be cut so they could finish adding the wood framework.  Just the other day they already add steel bars to the framework and in few days they will probably pour cement on the pavement.

Roof Framework

My mother told me that they need to hire more workers so pouring cement will just took one day because they will also rent a mixer rather than people doing the manual labor. I hope it could be done soon so our next project is house flooring and adding electricity line to the house.

­Concrete roof is exactly what it sounds like, it is a solid slab of concrete capping the top of your house. Exact specifications vary, but most concrete roofs are several inches thick.

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Creating a Framework for Slab

As what I thought our house was already with slab or roof last week but it turns out they are still constructing the frame for slab. My mother says they bought sets of lumbers and steel bars already, bags of cement will follow once the framing was done. I am bit excited because if our new house has already a roof my family can move in to our new house.

Slab Framework

Hoping that I will get more opportunities in the next few months so I could help to improve our house more when the slab construction was done, like adding windows, doors and tiles.

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Importance of Firewall on Residential Units

Having a small area to build our house and with my cousin’s house at the back, we had it made with firewall for safety and privacy of each other,  firewall are often use to separate two residential units. It intended to slow the spread of fire from one side to the other, it was proven helpful in many incidents like when there’s fire in our small town some of the houses and establishments were saved by the firewall.

Firewall for Home

Having it made with firewall my cousin’s house cannot be seen anymore, there’s no choice but this is what is best when the houses are near each other.

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Dirt Piling for House Elevation

My mother informed me that they just bought two trucks of dirt for $20 each. They are piling the elevation while we have no funds yet to start constructing the slab of our house. Hopefully we could save before the month ends so after the slab we could start working for the flooring and tilings as well as finishing the walls.

Elevation Piling

There are still a lot of things to do before our house will be ready for occupancy which means we still need a lot of money for it to materialized. We are hoping that we could done it as soon possible before rainy season came.

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