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Making Your Budget Stair Design

Designing your stairs even if on a budget just needs some research and careful planning. The stair design can make or break your home’s look. This is why choosing your stair’s design will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make about your home.

One of the latest development to our constructed home is the stairs. Instead of hiring someone my father design it alone with my mother’s supervision what I mean idea what would be the stair look like. We’ve search for stair designs before the construction of our home was started and my mother and sister bookmarked and print the design so my father can copy it.

The stair was like a fan or stair case. It was not yet fully finished when my sister forwarded the images to me, hopefully it could be finish soon our next project after this is our bathroom.

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Building a Concrete Roof for a House

The concrete slab of our house was finally done, it was expensive but worth it because we are already going to focus on minor details of the first floor of our house.  While we still don’t know yet when we can build the second floor,  the next project we are going to do is the house flooring, installing electrical wiring and working with the new toilet.

Concrete Roof

As we both know that the cement concrete is mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water place on framework, allowed to dry until  becomes hard like stone. Cement concrete attained the status of a major building material in all branches of modern construction  because of its importance.

Building a concrete house or establishment requires a building permit  so if you are looking for step by step process on how to acquire one or to get a building permit in an easy way Nicholson Wright can help you in affordable rate.

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Advantages of Cement Mixer for Concrete Roofing

The pouring of cement to complete the construction of the concrete roof our house was done yesterday. My parents rented a cement mixer for ₱1,500 and hired more people to make the work easier,  according to my mother about 19 people help for completion of the slab I  am not sure yet if they paid all of them or other just help in return of free food, snacks and drinks including booze after the job.

Conrete Roofing

My mother informed me they cook chicken soup in the morning, pancit for snacks and monggo beans with meat for lunch, the event was like a small fiesta and probably the male neighbors that extend their help on pouring the cement will be more happy if they received Davidoff cigars aside from free booze.

Anyway renting a mixer is convenient rather than manually mixing the cement,  it will save more days and money.

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Slab and Concrete Roof Construction

Constructing the framework of slab roof is quite complicated  I thought it was easy and doesn’t need a lot of work but I was wrong. It needs a careful planning and time dedication.  Adding irons and pipes for electric line was already done and on Saturday finally they will finally pour cement to finish the constructing our concrete roof.


My mother informed me that we had extra iron bars that we could use on constructing the second floor of our house. I hope we could save and do it soon but with the current phase of my online opportunities I wonder when we can start the construction again. Business is quite slow this month.

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